What would be better choice out of uPVC Windows or Aluminium Windows?

uPVC Windows vs Aluminium Windows: Make a Right Choice

uPVC means unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It differs from standard PVC which everyone tends to it of as plastic. Because of the unplasticized nature of uPVC it is very rigid and is formulated to provide excellent outdoor weathering applications. uPVC window frames are a combination of a multichambered profile extrusion which provides insulative properties like no other window material, as well as reinforcing the internal chambers with use of a galvanized steel profiles up to 2.5mm thick to make it equal in strength to aluminium windows. This allows upvc windows to be used upto commercial applications. With the product being trusted more and more with time, it has become a popular replacement and new window choice for Double glazing in Perth

What is a better choice out of uPVC or Aluminium windows?


UPVC windows are 3 x more insulative than aluminium windows. uPVC windows with double glazed units have u Values as low as 1.2 Aluminium windows being metal conduct a lot of heat and cold

Upvc vs aluminum Cost And Price:-

uPVC windows are much favorably priced compared to aluminium windows in with a same glazing combination


uPVC windows and uPVC doors are fully maintenance free. They do not react to Salt and coastal climate and will not corrode like aluminium. uPVC windows will require just a wash down every now and then to keep them clean and looking fresh


a common myth is uPVC is only available in white, with current covering technology companies like Renolit and Hornschuch have over 200 foil cover colours that can be applied to uPVC windows. In Australia there are over 6-7 colours given as standard which include a dark grey upvc window which is a popular colour type.


uPVC itself has been formulated to last over 15 years with warranties provided for the same. Standard aluminium window suppliers provide no longer than a 6 year warranty


All uPVC windows come with multiple locking systems making them highly secure, aluminium windows and doors at best have only a single point locking system.

Types of windows:-

Like aluminium uPVC can be manufactured to any design like uPVC sash windows,awning windows, tilt and turn windows,sliding windows. So there is no limitation with designs available

Fire resistance:-

uPVC has a self-extinguishing property and will stop burning as soon as the source of flame is removed. It has been approved to be used upto BAL 29 bushfire prone areas

So there you have it. Both options have some great benefits, but whether they’re right for you depends on your unique needs. Get in touch with us now and we’ll arrange a design consultation where we will talk you through all the options available.
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Double glazed windows cost and Price Guide in Perth


Double glazed windows cost and Price Guide in Perth

The million dollar question is how much do double glazed windows cost. To answer this question we have to consider a number of factors such as

1) Frame material type eguPVC, Aluminium Timber:- It is a well-documented fact that when it comes to Double glazed windows, no material is superior than uPVC in energy efficiency/cost ratio. Double glazing in uPVC frames will be the most cost-effective solution.
2) Frame Colour:- White uPVC tends to be the most economical whereas other colors such as timber look are at an extra over at about 10%.
3) Glass type:- Normal float glass DGU units are the most economical and are usually quoted as the base price, toughened units are roughly about $ 50 per sqm more dearer, Low e DGU units are roughly $100 per sqm more dearer.
4) Types of windows or doors:- Windows with more than 1 opener are more dearer than single opener type. For example, an awning window in a configuration of Awning/Fix/Awning is more dearer than a similar sized window with only one opener Awning/ Fix. Usually, there is no much price difference between different window types like Sliding/Awning/Tilt and Turn.

What Does Double Glazing Cost in Perth?

Based on all the above factors we can now start talking about how our windows are usually priced for projects. Usually, everything can be based around an estimated sqm rate. Base prices start from $300 per sqm and go up to $500 per sqm depending on the above-mentioned factors.

Q For a Layman person what is it going to cost you to opt for double glazed windows for your next project?

Cost of Double Glazing Vs Single Glazed Windows

Standard Single glazed Aluminium Windows for a 4×2 House in Perth cost about $7000-9000 installed. The same house can be made using Canon Double Glazed windows at about $12000-$14000. Yes compared to single glazed windows the difference is about $4000 on Average, however, our double glazed windows are 5 times more energy efficient and Sound efficient compared to single glazed aluminium windows. So if we compare it to an overall build cost of $200,000 for the house the percentage difference is 2%. This can be easily recovered from the energy bills which are constantly on the rise, eliminate hot and cold spots near windows which is a common phenomenon in single glazed windows, improve overall comfort around the house and provide a more quiet environment. Therefore it is a no-brainer to opt for Canon Double Glazed Windows for your next project. With Europe being 100% Double or triple glazed, Australia must follow suit very soon as the percentage of double glazed windows for residential houses in Australia is less than 5%.

How to get the best double glazing prices?

Many Perth customers have been pleasantly surprised by the low cost of our double glazed windows and doors – we are unbeatable on the price of Double glazing and will always better genuine quotes. We also offer a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee on our double glazed windows and doors.
Feel free to Contact us if you are looking for best double glazing price and looking for the best quality double glazed windows and doors at the best prices, look no further than canon Double Glazing.


The cost of double glazed windows is going to be based on a combination of the above factors, but mainly it’s going to be about the size, the material and the number of windows you need.

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The sheer benefits of Double glazing doors and windows

Have you ever thought of making the world eco-friendly? Have you ever plant a tree or do you always switch off your lights and fan when not required? Now you can put a step forward for an eco-friendly environment in a stylish way. Double glazed doors and windows come in elegant designs to enhance the beauty of your house as well as provide you with various benefits.

Double glazing doors and windows can reduce the sound which enters the house. Yes, if you stay near an organization or school or any busy marketplace then you can avoid the noise. Doubling the layer can help you avoid those sharp noises. It is maintenance free. One does not have to think twice while buying this product as one easily induce it in their house and avoid many tension.

Fire resistance is an important benefit of these doors and windows which helps in protecting them. These won’t catch fire. These even provide high security as the layer of glass is doubled and becomes difficult for a thief to break it down.

Above all the benefits, it is energy efficient, it can keep the heat inside and give one a warm feeling in the cold seasons. One does not have to on their heater for long hours and can easily survive in the weather without shivering in cold. You can combine it with UPVC framesto enhance the beauty or you can even go for wooden doors or aluminum ones according to your choice and preference.

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Reasons Why You Need to Fit Double Glazing Doors & Windows

It is now widely accepted that by fitting double glazing doors into your space will dramatically reduce your expenses on heating and electricity bills. These sorts of furniture pieces will allow the sun’s heat and light to pass through the glass and prevent heat from entering into your home. They not only strengthen household security from burglars, but also improve the level of comfort in your space.

One of the most striking benefits of double glazed doors and windows is that they need very little maintenance compared to hardwood units. They are affordable as well as easy to replace. These types of doors are available in a range of attractive designs, colours and styles. Most double glazing doors will come with laminated and tougher glass, reducing the chances of shattering or breaking.

Fitting double glazed windows and doors will add value to your. It will help you enhance the interiors and exteriors of a space. Aesthetically appealing doors and windows always work well to enhance the beauty of your space. If you are looking for such types of doors, Canon Double Glazing can provide you with the best quality double glazing doors and windows available in varied shapes, sizes, designs.

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Transform Your House With Double Glazed Windows And Doors

Double glazed windows are the most admired windows out there nowadays. You can see, a double glazed window is a window with two sheets. This not only makes it more hardwearing, but provides improved insulation as well.

Between these window sheets is a pocket of argon gas, offer to fill the room. A spacer holds the two panes jointly, made from structural foam for slight heat conduction. Coating is also practical, and the kind used varies by the weather the window will function within. For instance, in cold climates the coating will reproduce cold, thus keeping homes warm in winters.


In fact, along with many different advantages, double glazing windows are ecological. Thanks to their imperative competence, they are outstanding at maintaining (and thereby allowing you to adjust efficiently) humidity and temperature in a given surrounding. This translates to a warm, more contented home, as well as savings; abridged electricity and heating use translates into smaller bills.

These windows can also be used for different parts of your home, including essential interior windows, a sunroom, a patio enclosure, window doors and much more that requires hardwearing and shield glass. As stated previously, however, make certain that you have frame the double glazed window in vinyl to get the most out of your double-glazed window venture.

To find best double glazed windows and doors, you can search internet. Many companies are dealing with elegant and stylish double glazing windows. Choose from the stylish designs and enhance the beauty of your house.

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Benefits Of Using Double Glazed Doors And Windows.

Double-glazed doors and windows are getting much admiration these days, as these have tremendous benefits. Yes, it is true. Most of the people are not aware of the benefits of double glazed doors and windows and thus does not bother to buy them. Read the following and know its different benefits.

  1. Double-glazed doors and windows helps in keeping the heat in, saving your money on heating bills.
  2. It even helps in keeping the noise out. The added insulation helps in doing so. If your house faces any school, mall or main road, then these windows or doors becomes mandatory.
  3. Reduce your carbon footprint. Double-glazing makes the house energy efficient, as less heat is escaping from your home and you need less energy to keep it warm, which in turn means fewer CO2 emissions.
  4. The UPVC frames and double glazing windows, which are now available in the market nowadays, are guaranteed and take little maintenance.
  5. These are even available in various beautiful designs to give an elegant touch to your house. If you want to keep the original window, you can just get second glazing for it, which can be integrated behind the original window and can provide similar benefits to double-glazing.

If you also want to contribute your bit to make the environment energy efficient and reduce your electricity bills in a stylish way, then double glazing is the right way to start with. Induce it and ensure that your house looks perfect.

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